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There’s More Than Circus Tricks and Trampolining Waiting for Wawan in Vancouver

The Vancouver Circus School is gearing up to welcome Wawan, a social circus student from the Red Nose Foundation in Jakarta, Indonesia. The School’s support network has been preparing and planning for their guests’ arrival and they are ready to welcome Wawan with open arms.

Wawan will be staying with a number of different members of the Vancouver Circus School (VCS) community while a visitor in the coastal city.

“Staff at the Vancouver Circus School come from all walks of life,” says Nigel Wakita, Director of Recreational Education at VCS. “They have come from near and far to commit themselves to the art of circus. Many of the instructors are ex-gymnasts, dancers, or were just fidgety in school. But no matter where they’re from, everyone is excited to share their circus skills with Wawan.”

Prop manipulation, which includes juggling (a skill in which Wawan is already adept), unicycle, and “all things strange,” according to Nigel, are all on the cards for Wawan. He will also be trying his hand at other apparatus such as the trampoline, aerial silk, hoop, and the swinging trapeze.

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Do the Hokey Pokey! By Gijs Daemen

“I’m sorry, what was your name again? Kaisj?”

“No, it’s Gijs. It’s a Dutch name. Yes, I know that it’s pretty difficult for foreign people to pronounce. You know what? Just call me whatever you want.”

“Ok, I’ll call you Jarwo then.”

And there I was, after an 18-hour-flight, with my Dutch pale (wooden shoeless) feet on Indonesian ground. I’d left my beloved western little country for the big unknown eastern world: A totally different world with another culture, habits, another language, and where people are not even able to pronounce my name properly.

“I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien”, Sting once sang. Nice lyrics mister Sting, but hey, I’m not even an Englishman in New York. I’m a Dutchman in Jakarta. A “bule!”

Was I sure about this new adventure? Of course.

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