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Career Day Gets the RNF Kids Thinking About Their Future


On June 29, 2013, dozens of RNF students spent the day at the Jakarta International School (JIS) where RNF’s teachers had arranged for people from numerous different professions to speak to the kids about their job, their responsibilities and the type of skills needed to enter that profession. With so many professional areas being covered in one day – education, mining, insurance, law enforcement, military, production, marketing, finance, football, medical – something was sure to pique the interest of each and every kid.


The event was particularly interesting for one 15-year-old RNF student who left school at the age of 12 to earn a wage diving for mussels. Misno, from Cilincing, got the chance to speak face to face with a representative from a local scuba diving school. Until recently, Misno might have thought his chances of doing anything other than diving for mussels or fishing to make a living were very limited. Scuba diving, however, is something Misno recently discovered as a job that he would not only be good at given his experience and the fact he is a strong swimmer, but a job that he is very is interested in.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come and speak to the RNF kids for the foundation’s first ever career day.

For more photos from this event, visit Flickr: Career Day, June 2013


Help Us Support Saeni and Akbar Get an Education

Our program is successful because of the generosity shown by our supporters and the dedication of our staff; most importantly though, the program is successful because the kids that we work with have chosen to make the most of the opportunities the Red Nose Foundation offers them.

Students who prove to us that they are committed to furthering their education and have been attending the foundation’s Arts and Education Outreach program for at least two years will be included in the foundation’s Full Scholarship program, which covers all of the child’s school related expenses for the year.

Since last year, the number of kids now eligible for a scholarship has doubled, and so for the 2013-2014 school year the foundation has 94 children to sponsor. Thanks to our supporters, 92 of those children are already sponsored; below are the profiles of the two children who have not yet been sponsored.  If you are in a financial position to help, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Donations can be made locally in Indonesia, or to our bank account in Houston.  Whatever works best for you. Please contact Dan Roberts on dan@rednosefoundation.org for more information.

Saeni has just recently auditioned to join the advanced Red Nose kids in the Hidung Merah Performance Troupe and actually just this past weekend performed with the troupe for the first time. She is an eager young woman who loves performing on stage. She has excellent grades at school and is currently waiting for her final test scores from the national exam. We are confident that she will get top marks and be accepted into one of the top middle schools in North Jakarta. Saeni will be moving on to 7th grade and her scholarship is Rp3,500,000-

According to Yani, an English teacher at the Red Nose Foundation, Saeni has just been promoted from class 2 to class 1, where many of her slightly older friends are, because she was one of the best performing students in class 2 and was ready for a challenge.


“Fortunately she hasn’t had any difficulties learning in the new class,” says Yani.


“Even though she is now one of the youngest students in the class she seems to be enjoying herself and I can see that she still has the same self confidence as she did before in class 2. Her new learning environment should encourage her to try even harder because she’s no longer the smartest kid in the class; she will have to work a little harder to keep up with her friends and I’m sure that her English will improve because of that. Saeni is very smart and confident, and she can adapt very well to manage a new situation.”
Akbar is a very bright young man who cares a lot about his grades and is known to sometimes push himself even a little too hard staying up late just to study. We’re very proud to report that Akbar has been living up to his own, and our, expectations and has been getting good grades all year long. He loves his family and his peers at Red Nose and he does his best to be a good friend to everyone he meets. Akbar will soon be advancing to the 7th grade, and hopefully will be at a school that can fuel his insatiable need to learn.

Yani says that Akbar caught her attention on her first day of teaching at Bintaro Lama.

“He is always the first student to arrive for class, and is always early. He sits at the front of the class and is always asking questions about what we are learning that day and is always very polite. He is not only one of the smartest students in the class, but is also the most well-behaved. One time, I forgot the English word for becak and he jumped in to complete my sentence with “pedicab”. one of the best things about Akbar, as soon as he finishes his own work, he always helps his classmates with their work. He is probably the most enthusiastic student I have ever met. While some other students might miss class because it’s raining or it’s school holidays, he will still be there early and ready to learn. I really hope that we, and a sponsor, can support his education because he just wants to learn, and learn…

Akbar’s scholarship is Rp3,500,000-


Photo Gallery: Community Benefit Concert 2013

It was a Friday night, it was fun, loud, and full to the brim for the Community Benefit Concert at the Dungeon in Kemang ahead of the US Memorial Day Golf Tournament. The Red Nose Foundation, the Indonesian Chapter of the Harley Owners Group, WatSan Action and Habitat for Humanity Indonesia all benefited greatly from the concert. It goes without saying that all of us at the Red Nose Foundation are grateful for everyone’s support and donations; we managed to raise Rp75,000,000 and gain 30 more sponsors  for RNF kids in our Full Scholarship program.
We’ve uploaded some of the many great photos from the evening to our Flickr site.

Fun and Games at The Jakarta Highland Gathering

By Suryani Sianturi

Twenty kids from the Red Nose Foundation were invited by the Jakarta International School to take part in the 34th Jakarta Highland Gathering on May 26 at Klub Imperial Golf Karawaci, Tangerang. The day was all about the kids getting a chance to learn about different games and sports from around the world from experienced teachers and coaches.

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