August 2013 - Red Nose Foundation

Memories That Will Last a Lifetime


Iva, 22, from Holland, came to Jakarta as a volunteer to work with the Red Nose Foundation in mid-2013. With her fair skin and long blonde hair, Iva certainly stood out, but she embraced the differences, the difficulties of being in a foreign country, and the realities of poverty in Jakarta, and the kids (often literally) embraced her.

How could I possibly start to explain how amazing my trip to Jakarta has been? It opened my eyes to a life so different from mine. I remember very well when I first got here, not knowing what to expect and feeling very overwhelmed by it all. And now, after seven weeks I highly doubt the staff and children from Red Nose know how much influence they have had on me. I think they taught me so much – which I am very thankful for.

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Save The Date: September 14

The next Festival of Laughs fundraiser for the Red Nose Foundation will be on September 14, 2013. Make sure you get your tickets early.

Single Tickets:
Rp. 1,000,000 per person
Table Reservation:
Rp. 7,600,000 per table (8 pax)
Jakarta Comedy Club Combo Deal:
Rp. 1,200,000 per person
(includes 1 ticket to the Festival of Laughs and
1 ticket to the Jakarta Comedy Club in September)

Hidung Merah’s Festival of Laughs and Charity Auction

When: September 14, 2013. 7pm-11pm
Where: Le Meridien Grand Ballroom

All of our guests will enjoy a four-course finely prepared meal and a range of entertainment, including live music, a charity auction, and a variety of comedic acts, such as Septian Dwi Cahyo and Improvindo. Of course, there will also be a performance by the one and only Hidung Merah Performance Troupe.

Sophisticated, fun, and for a good cause, every rupiah raised will go to ensuring that the Red Nose Foundation can continue making a difference in the lives of underprivileged children in Jakarta.

Please contact me on or call 769-1162 ASAP to reserve!


Braving Culture Shock for the Benefit of Circus

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Andrea Ousley, from Australia, was an integral part of the Red Nose Foundation for six months from late 2012. The lessons and knowledge Andrea imparted were invaluable, and they continue to influence the instructors and students. Below, Andrea recounts why she sought out the Red Nose Foundation, and what she experienced in return.

For six months I’ve been on leave without pay from NICA and I’ve been volunteering as Artistic Director, for the Red Nose Foundation, facilitating its Arts and Education Program in North and South Jakarta.

I was attracted to the Red Nose Foundation, because it seemed rich in its diversity and the program had a strong holistic approach. Red Nose’s aim is to get to know the child in many settings. In the circus workshop, within their family, in their school and within the wider context of their community.

Hidung Merah offers English classes, circus classes, guitar classes, writing club and tutoring (Phew) as well as seminars for both the kids and their families on topics such as internet safety, health and sex ed. Most of the children have sponsors that contribute to their schooling costs, which in many cases is the difference between going to school and not.

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