September 2013 - Red Nose Foundation

The 2nd Festival of Laughs Goes Off Without a Hitch

On September 14, 2013, 150 Red Nose supporters arrived at the Le Meridien Hotel and filled the grand ballroom for the second Hidung Merah Festival of Laughs and Charity Auction gala benefit.


The music was excellent, the food was superb, the auction was a great success, the entertainment and the Hidung Merah Performance Troupe were captivating. Overall, the night was a great success and everyone who attended contributed to the Rp350 million (gross) that was raised on the night. This money allows the Red Nose Foundation to continue making a difference in the lives of underprivileged children in Jakarta. Thank you to everyone who attended as well as: the Le Meridien hotel, Arief, Bubu Giri, Septian Dwi Cahyo, ImprovIndo, Mosidik.

To see photos from the event by photographer Mahendra Ardi Darmawan, visit the Festival of Laughs photo gallery on Flickr.

The Tip of the Iceberg


Nino Rianditya Putra joined the Red Nose Foundation in January 2012 as the foundation’s first Field Manager. Over 18 months, Nino created and developed the position to reflect the needs of children and foundation. Maintaining communication and order between the children, their parents, their schools, teachers and principals was a huge responsibility. Despite the stress and problems that inescapably come with overseeing the wellbeing of almost 200 kids, Nino found the job to be rewarding. Here, Nino reflects on his experience of being embedded in the lives of underprivileged children as Field Manager for the Red Nose Foundation.

The first words that I heard from the Red Nose Foundation’s Executive Director, Dan Roberts, after my first week of work and after handling my first student issue was, “this is only the tip of the iceberg.“ It took me a couple more weeks to fully grasp what those words meant, and during my very short one-year-and-six-months of work with Red Nose, I gradually dug deeper and deeper to find what was underneath that iceberg – the Indonesia’s feeble education system specifically, and a lack of awareness of the importance of education among parents and students.

As Field Manager at the Red Nose Foundation, I was given the huge responsibility of creating a network with children’s local schools, their parents, the local government, all while also helping to maintain the day-to-day operation of the foundation’s programs.

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Dow Makes a Donation to RNF

The Red Nose Foundation was the key beneficiary of the Dow Chemical Company’s annual charity golf tournament and charity auction in August. The Hidung Merah Performance Troupe put on a show for the crowd before Dow and its partners made a $10,000 donation to Red Nose to help support the kid’s education and the foundation’s arts and education program. Red Nose would like to thank Dow and its partners for this generous donation.
DOW Thank You 1
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