March 2014 - Red Nose Foundation

Red Nose: My Home Away From Home

Australian Annette McDougal spent the last two years living in Jakarta. During that time, she volunteered as an English teacher with Red Nose Foundation for 10 months. The following is her own recollection of the Red Nose memories she gained while living in the Big Durian.

After spending a couple years living in Singapore, my husband and I moved to Jakarta in January 2012. Thinking that some adjustment was necessary, as the two cities can seem to be worlds apart at times, I ended up spending my first 12 months in Jakarta shopping!

IMG-20140203-WA0001I have to admit that I am a true shopaholic that finds Jakarta as nothing short of heavenly. In this city, for example, I can actually find clothes that fit me at prices I can afford, unlike in Singapore.

After a year, though, I began feeling that I might have run out of shopping centers to visit and, while preparing my New Year’s Resolution for 2013, I realized that my one resolution should be finding something constructive to do before I completely emptied our bank account.

Then, one day, I read an article in a newspaper about unique NGOs that work with teenagers and needed volunteers. Of the several organizations listed in the article, Red Nose Foundation caught my attention.

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