July 2014 - Red Nose Foundation

Good People, a Great Cause, and a Wonderful Success Story

Jennifer Quirnbach from the United States volunteered with us for four weeks from mid-June to mid-July this year. She wrote this blog post for us.   

by: Jennifer Quirnbach

Jenn with kids

I posed with the Red Nose kids for a picture

I stumbled upon the Red Nose Foundation when I was looking for things to do during the gap between graduating university and starting my “real job” in the United States.

I volunteered with the foundation for four weeks from mid-June to mid-July, mostly helping with the English classes and teaching some minor gymnastics/circus.

Everyone at the organization was incredibly helpful and welcoming as I adjusted to teaching in a foreign country. At times, it could be tough to keep the students’ attention, but all the staff members were extremely enthusiastic and supportive. They really lessened the culture shock I experienced during my time in Jakarta.

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Turn Your Secondhand Stuff into Red Nose Blessings!

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Have any unused stuff just piling up and collecting dust in your home?

1. Sell them on OLX.co.id, under the #BekasJadiBerkah campaign.

2. Donate part or all of your profit to Red Nose Foundation.

3. Share your inspirational donation story to OLX Indonesia (on Facebook or by e-mail).

4. If your story is chosen as the best, it will be featured on Metro TV’s Kick Andy and OLX will provide an additional donation of Rp 500 million (US$42,881) to Red Nose! 


Have a look around and you will find that there are still many families much less fortunate than ours.

The students of Red Nose Foundation live in two of the poorest neighborhoods across Jakarta. Cilincing is a fishermen’s village on the shores of North Jakarta and Bintaro Lama is a waste-pickers’ slum just south of Jakarta. In both areas, people lead hard lives, clean water is scarce, violence can happen for trivial reasons, and there are nowhere safe for children to play around.

In cooperation with OLX Indonesia and Kick Andy Foundation, Red Nose Foundation is holding a campaign to raise fund to help these families! In this campaign, called #BekasJadiBerkah, you can sell your unused secondhand stuffs at OLX.co.id and donate part or all of your earnings to Red Nose Foundation!

Post your ad at OLX.co.id, share your support for the campaign on Facebook and Twitter, and obtain exclusive wristbands for first 1,000 participants each day.

Have an inspirational donation story? Share it and inspire others on OLX Indonesia’s Facebook page, by e-mail to bekasjadiberkah@olx.co.idor by using the “Berbagi Kisah” Form here.

If your story is chosen as the best, it will be featured on Metro TV’s Kick Andy and OLX will provide an additional donation of Rp 500 million (US$42,881) to Red Nose Foundation!

So, what are you waiting for?

Join the campaign and help underprivileged Red Nose student build dreams!




An adventure of a lifetime: Red Nose Foundation goes to Poland

American writer and social activist Helen Keller once said that “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.”
And for six Red Nose Foundation students, all of whom are underprivileged kids living in Jakarta’s urban slums, traveling to Europe to take part in an international arts festival is, by far, the most daring adventure they have ever been in in their young lives.



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My Wonderful Time Volunteering at Red Nose Foundation

Jess Herman from London, UK, spent two weeks volunteering at Red Nose Foundation in June 2014. This is her own thought and reflections of living in Jakarta and spending her time teaching circus and English to Red Nose kids. 

by: Jess Herman

I arrived in Jakarta on one Saturday night in early June and, right from the start, the city astounded me.

Jakarta is definitely not an uninteresting place to be in. One of the first things that struck me about Jakarta is that it’s a sprawling city lacking in greenery and heavily overloaded with cars and motorbikes. Traffic is the one word that is totally synonymous with Jakarta. There is also an absolutely massive gap between those living in poverty and those who are wealthy. A visit to one of the city’s many mall has highlighted for me the stark contrast between the expensive, clean, air-conditioned shopping center and the poverty-stricken villages where I volunteered with Red Nose Foundation.

However, I also got to experience the heavenly Indonesian dishes during my visit to Jakarta. I am loving the tempeh and the thousands of different street food options – particularly gado-gado (an Indonesian hodge-podge of vegetables with loads of peanut sauce). I really wished I could have tried them all, but my time (and also my stomach’s capacity) is unfortunately limited.

Secondly and most importantly – what I believe to be the most redeeming element of Jakarta – is the people. I found Jakartans to be really lovely, genuinely friendly, and just all-around good-natured. Every time I got on a train or a bus, I made at least one new friend if not many! People welcomed strangers like me and seemed to even went out of their way to help me – making getting around a pleasure instead of a chore.

So, what about me?

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