Arts and Education Outreach

The Arts and Education Outreach Program is the foundation’s flagship program and is active in Cilincing, North Jakarta, and Bintaro Lama, South Jakarta.

The Arts and Education Outreach Program uses the combination of arts education with traditional education to support the children’s formal and informal journey through the Indonesian education system. Curriculum is created in parallel to compliment the children’s traditional learning at school, while adding value and substance through creative learning strategies and the application of art to traditional learning topics.

In this program, over 300 of Red Nose students take up to 120 hours of education and arts classes per week. Through arts and education classes, the program offers an opportunity for children to develop self confidence, giving them the tools they need to achieve their dreams and helping them build a brighter future.

RNF tailors the program and its curriculum to suit the needs of the students. The foundation’s managers and teachers make a point of getting to know the children’s families to ensure that they have an in-depth understanding of each child’s individual needs and circumstances. RNF also engages in mediation with the schools, local communities, and local government on behalf of the children when necessary.

Within this program, you can also find a smaller program called 100 Clown Club, in which individual donors can support Red Nose educational programs.

Red Nose Foundation’s 100 Clown Club Program enables individual donors to support Red Nose classes and other programs. Sponsorship starts from US$10 per month. Donors will receive regular updates of the activities at RNF.

Ultimately, through the Arts and Education Outreach Program, RNF aims to educate and empower its students, and help them become positive contributors to society.

To become a 100 Clown Club member and help us reach our goal, please visit this link!


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