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Intercontinental Friendship with CircEsteem


For 3 weeks in July to August 2017, CircEsteem visited Red Nose in Jakarta for the Intercultural Social Circus Exchange. The Chicago-based group came with their 10 students: Lois, Julia, Sophie, Kofi, Hayden, Antoinette, Jared, Iris, Omar and Jasmine. They were led by program director Kasumi Kato and Dan Roberts, Red Nose’s founder who is now CircEsteem’s executive director.

Arrived on July 18th, the group then moved in to the generous host families in Jakarta who did not only provide accommodation, but also took care of them during the trip. The group also visited Red Nose’s center in Cilincing regularly for the joint training. There, they formed a team with 10 Red Nose kids: Wahyu, Tedi, Tina, Ria, Ana, Kasma, Sarwan, Rais, Rizky and Rijal. Quickly, they started building friendship each other.

“I get paired with Ria. She is a really humorous girl. And as a daughter of a professional clown, I could say that she is very talented in clown act”, said Lois, one of the Chicago students. “My buddy Kofi looks like my mirror. He is mostly quiet but is energetic”, mentioned Rijal


The team of 20 – later named themselves “20 Smiles Circus” – did collaborative performances across Jakarta.. “It is a great chance that I can collaborate with friends from abroad”, said Tedi, a Red Nose student when the group was interviewed and performed in a TV show.

They also performed together for a school in Cilincing, the disadvantaged kids and families at Yayasan Sayap Ibu, kids living around the garbage landfill of Jakarta, and kids with cancer in the national cancer hospital. On July 30th and August 6th, the group then took part at Red Nose’s 10th Annual Community Circus where the crowd greeted them festively!

In total, 19 performances happened in 3 weeks, including the 10 collaborative performances.

Beyond circus, the trip to Jakarta happened to be the first abroad experience for several kids and they enjoyed so much. “I was a bit surprised with how crowded the airport and the traffic were, but then I enjoyed Jakarta so much. Especially the foods”, said Jarred. “Yeah, tempe is my favorite!” Lois continued.

CircEsteem’s visit successfully brought positive impacts to the kids, especially the 10 kids having great time together. “It’s not only about the circus or performance. More than that, we hope to maintain the friendship those kids have built together”, said Kasumi.

“I had really good time. We learned a lot, and they were very supportive”, recalled Tina.

On August 8th, Red Nose and the 10 kids said goodbye to CircEsteem. With the 3 weeks happened to be memorable for the kids’ lives, the farewell went touching. The Red Nose kids also shared their American buddies a souvenir they initiated themselves.

Next, the 20 couldn’t wait for next year, where the exchange will have its second phase: Red Nose’s visit to Chicago!



Red Nose Foundation searches for new Executive Director

Red Nose Foundation

Executive Director Position

Available Immediately


Red Nose Foundation is an arts and education outreach organization based in Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta. The organization was founded in 2008, by American Dan Roberts and has grown under his leadership since its inception.

Red Nose Foundation’s (Red Nose) mission is to support the educational and personal development of children living in underprivileged circumstances, and to promote the empowerment of youth through arts while assisting them to become positive contributors to society. Red Nose strives to be the pioneering force behind creative education rehabilitation.

Red Nose currently works with 300 children offering more than 75 hours of education and arts classes each week. Since 2008, Red Nose Foundation programming has affected over 125,000 children across Indonesia. Red Nose has a full time team of 18 enthusiastic and hardworking professionals who work every day to further the organization’s mission and improve the lives of the Red Nose children. In 2015, Red Nose ran a budget of $175,000 and in 2016, the budget was $250,000 annually.

The Executive Director is the key management leader of Red Nose Foundation. The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs, strategic plan, fundraising, marketing, and government relations of the organization. The position reports directly to the Board of Directors and works laterally with the Education Director and the Artistic Director, who also report directly to the Board of Directors.


Leadership and Management

  • Oversee organizational direction through rigorous program evaluations and needs assessments in collaboration with the other members of the leadership team.
  • Lead weekly meetings with full team and leadership team, in order to offer support where needed to the various departments.
  • Actively engage and energize volunteers, board members, committees, partner organizations, and current and potential donors.
  • With the support of the Leadership Team, develop a 3-year strategic plan and refine the vision and goals of the organization.

Fundraising and Communications

  • Responsible for all of the organization’s fundraising efforts including, but not limited to, sustaining, renewing, and cultivating new and old relationships with individual and corporate donors.
  • Organize and implement annual fundraising events, as well as develop new creative fundraising events.
  • Assist Artistic Director in increasing revenue by offering after-school circus classes at private schools around the city.
  • Expand current revenue generating and fundraising activities to support existing program operations and expansion plans.
  • Directly oversee Communications Manager and support his position through creative input, proof reading (English language) and ensure the communications department is working efficiently and effectively.
  • Regularly attend networking events and build relationships with current and potential donors (Individuals and Corporate).

Financial Performance and Accountability

  • Responsible for presenting annual budgets to the Board for approval.
  • Responsible for presenting quarterly budgets to each program specificied donor group.
  • Responsible for fiscal management that generally anticipates operating within the approved budged, ensures maximum resource utilization, and maintenance of the organization in a positive financial position.

Professional Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field
  • Transparent and high integrity leadership skills
  • Minimum of five years experience leading a non-profit organization
  • International experience a plus
  • Strong marketing, public relations, and fundraising experience with the ability to engage a wide range of stakeholders through a variety of diverse cultures.
  • Solid, hands-on, budget management skills, including budget preparation, analysis, decision-making and reporting skills
  • Good public speaker with the ability to convey Red Nose Foundation’s mission with compassion and trust
  • Skills to collaborate with and motivate board members and other volunteers
  • Strong written and oral communication skills (English language)
  • Indonesian language skills and understanding of the culture a big plus

Salary and Benefits

  • US$20,000- US$30,000 annually (net) Salary can be renegotiated after first year, based on achieving fundraising goals and evaluation by board of directors
  • Health Insurance
  • Work Permit and Visas
  • 35 days paid leave (including full office holiday periods)
  • Once yearly round trip flight to home country
  • Lodging and local transportation provided
  • Company driver provided

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to hrd@rednosefoundation.org with the subject title “Executive Director Application”

Thank You, Indonesia!


Heading to Indonesia to give back to a country I loved was such a romantic idea. It was something that, at 24, I didn’t really understand. But, I didn’t need to fully understand anything. I had a plan, and with a suitcase full of juggling props, a thousand bucks, and a red nose, I set off to Indonesia. Perhaps because I was told that it would be impossible, or perhaps because deep down inside, I wanted to make a difference in the world, no matter how small or how big.   I shortly arrived in Indonesia to begin my 3-month solo performance tour to bring levity into the lives of children in need of a smile.

Everyone I met constantly asked me, ‘why I could be so selfless, why I could be so giving’, but I didn’t feel selfless. I was in Indonesia. A place I’d grown up. Home. And I was doing something I loved to do. Perform. Teach. Neither of which I’d consider particularly ‘selfless’ acts. So I could never really answer those questions and usually just shrugged it off with a smile and a raise of a glass.

Behind all the encouragement, something real happened the day I walked into Cilincing and smelled the poorest place I’d ever been in my life. Poverty was real. I thought I understood poverty, as I sat in my air-conditioned apartment in Chicago, writing proposals to fund a trip to Indonesia, but I only really began to understand the true meaning of ‘in-need’ or ‘at-risk’, the day I arrived in Cilincing, North Jakarta for the first time.

The level of immense poverty, the apparent lack of respect from a government for the wellbeing of its own people, the pure disparity of North Jakarta was so painful to witness. The exact moment that this national geographic shot became real is, to this day, still clear as day. It was the moment when the children of Cilincing began to play. I still remember Rais’ face when I pulled him up in front of the crowd to hold my spinning plates and pretended to walk out the door. I still remember the excitement in Bebi and April’s eyes when they were given a flower stick and shown how to make it twirl. They were thirsty. Thirsty for knowledge, for excitement, for joy. The kids were rambunctious, they were literally bouncing off the walls, but they had such a desire to learn, that I couldn’t ever leave. Cilincing, the first of dozens of villages I visited that year and hundreds over the next decade, stuck to me like the smell of raw fish and landfill. I wanted nothing more than to help the kids in this community so that they could escape the terrible fates that awaited so many of them, at very least for a few hours a week. I wanted to do something, because no one else was doing anything! It seemed impossible; perhaps for anyone else, it would have been impossible. But I wasn’t going to let anything or anyone stop me.

As the dust cleared and the reality of what I’d set off to accomplish began to push its way through the door, I wasn’t sure how to identify, or classify what I was doing. Slowly, with the limelight often blurring clarity, I began to realize what my real mission to Indonesia had become. I was not there to perform for a few thousand children and then move on to the next country. Anyone could have done that. I was there to make an offering to a country that had shaped me in such a way that you wouldn’t recognize me without it.

I often talk about the Indonesian word for ‘thank you’ – ‘Terima Kasih’. Literally translated, ‘to receive and to give’. Throughout the first several years, I began to understand how the simple literal meaning of the phrase ‘thank you’, would justify so much of my actions from then forward. I had received so much from Indonesia. My best friends, my education, my wife and children, so much of my culture and so much of what I aspired to be. I had received, so much. It was my turn to give.

So I began to formulate a plan to build a non-profit that would help the poorest of Indonesia’s children. This would be what I gave back to Indonesia. Something to change the lives of the most in-need. My plan became three part. Build a philosophy and theory of outreach, develop and train a team of passionate Indonesians to implement said philosophy, and build a sustainable structure to support all of the above.   Only after I’d completed those three tasks, would my offering be complete. The plan could never have been carried out alone. Every day of every month of every year, I had the support of my team, our donors, and our friends.  All of a sudden, the impossible didn’t seem so impossible when you marched with an army of hundreds.

We developed our philosophy and method of outreach, we grounded our mission statement in the needs of the children we sought to support, and we tested our theories over and over again. We trained our staff. We failed. A lot. But, we didn’t give up. And we learned to examine ourselves first after our failures, instead of pointing fingers. We included and empowered our team to own the programs they managed. This resulted in earning the respect and loyalty of strong, smart and hardworking team members. Finally, we worked tirelessly to build a reputation of producing the best fundraising events in town and to earn the trust of individual and corporate donors through transparency and accountability. Red Nose came to life, ideas grew organically and we learned something new every step of the way.

The final touch to our creation was giving this living organism a home. So, we built a community center for all of the current and future programs to live in. A place where the children could call their home. A Red Nose home.

It is with great pride, joy and sadness that I announce publicly, my resignation from Red Nose Foundation. I will continue to support Red Nose, as the leadership team and the board of directors begin the search for a new executive director. Once a new executive director is installed, I will help train and hand over all my responsibilities and relationships, then I’ll sit on the board to offer direction and advice from a different perspective.

I believe my work at Red Nose is complete, and I believe that my team will do wonderful things in the years to come as they grow our organization to help change the lives of tens of thousands of Indonesian children every year. Thank you, Indonesia. Thank you for giving me so much. And, I hope you will support and protect Red Nose Foundation for many years to come.


Kids With Cameras on Australia’s ABC Radio

DSCN7195 B&W

A few weeks back, Helen Brown, a correspondent for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) based in Jakarta, joined the Kids With Camera class in Cilincing, brining her own 12-year-old daughter who was visiting from Australia along for the day.

Producing a story about the photography program wasn’t the priority for the day, nonetheless Helen eventually pulled out her audio recording equipment to capture the sounds of Cilincing and record an interview with the program’s photography teacher, Australian communications specialist Jacqueline Wales.

Helen’s story was broadcast today, November 3, 2013, on the ABC’s Correspondents Report, a program dedicated to airing insightful stories about what foreign correspondents experience, see and learn while doing their day-to-day job – reporting the news.

You can listen to the report by Helen Brown here: Correspondents Report with Elizabeth Jackson.

And you are still yet to see the photos that our Kids With Cameras students have produced, then you should pay a visit to our Flickr site – Bintaro Lama, Cilincing.

Memories That Will Last a Lifetime


Iva, 22, from Holland, came to Jakarta as a volunteer to work with the Red Nose Foundation in mid-2013. With her fair skin and long blonde hair, Iva certainly stood out, but she embraced the differences, the difficulties of being in a foreign country, and the realities of poverty in Jakarta, and the kids (often literally) embraced her.

How could I possibly start to explain how amazing my trip to Jakarta has been? It opened my eyes to a life so different from mine. I remember very well when I first got here, not knowing what to expect and feeling very overwhelmed by it all. And now, after seven weeks I highly doubt the staff and children from Red Nose know how much influence they have had on me. I think they taught me so much – which I am very thankful for.

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Braving Culture Shock for the Benefit of Circus

photo (2)

Andrea Ousley, from Australia, was an integral part of the Red Nose Foundation for six months from late 2012. The lessons and knowledge Andrea imparted were invaluable, and they continue to influence the instructors and students. Below, Andrea recounts why she sought out the Red Nose Foundation, and what she experienced in return.

For six months I’ve been on leave without pay from NICA and I’ve been volunteering as Artistic Director, for the Red Nose Foundation, facilitating its Arts and Education Program in North and South Jakarta.

I was attracted to the Red Nose Foundation, because it seemed rich in its diversity and the program had a strong holistic approach. Red Nose’s aim is to get to know the child in many settings. In the circus workshop, within their family, in their school and within the wider context of their community.

Hidung Merah offers English classes, circus classes, guitar classes, writing club and tutoring (Phew) as well as seminars for both the kids and their families on topics such as internet safety, health and sex ed. Most of the children have sponsors that contribute to their schooling costs, which in many cases is the difference between going to school and not.

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Encore! The Festival of Laughs is on Again

On September 14, the Red Nose Foundation will present the second Hidung Merah Festival of Laughs and Charity Auction gala benefit.

Hosted at the Le Meridien hotel’s grand ballroom, all of our guests will get to enjoy a four course finely prepared meal menu, and a range of entertainment, including live music, a charity auction, and a variety of comedic acts, such as Septian Dwi Cahyo and Improvindo. Of course, there will also be a performance by the one and only Hidung Merah Performance Troupe.

Sophisticated, fun, and for a good cause, this much anticipated fundraising event will be attended by some of the city’s most privileged and charitable personalities. Every rupiah raised will go to ensuring that the Red Nose Foundation can continue making a difference in the lives of underprivileged children in Jakarta.

During the month of August, tickets are: Rp. 900,000 per person or Rp. 6,800,000 for 1 Table (8 pax). If one night of comedy isn’t enough, buy the early bird special and get a ticket to the Festival of Laughs and the Jakarta Comedy Club in August for Rp. 1,100,000.

Contact us on info@rednosefoundation.org to book tickets or for more information.

Visit RNF on Flickr to see all the photos from the 1st Hidung Merah Festival of Laughs and Charity Auction gala benefit.

Shop at BerryBenka.com and Help Raise Money For RNF

From July 8 through to August 7, 2013, Berrybenka.com will donate Rp1,434 from every purchase of Rp200.000 or more to the Red Nose Foundation.

Berrybenka.com is an online department store where you can shop 24-hours-a-day. Browse, select, buy, receive and enjoy, that’s basically how it works, but for one month (beginning on July 8) your purchases will contribute to the Red Nose Foundation’s efforts to improve the quality of life of 200 children in Jakarta.


Happy shopping everyone.



Photo Gallery: Community Benefit Concert 2013

It was a Friday night, it was fun, loud, and full to the brim for the Community Benefit Concert at the Dungeon in Kemang ahead of the US Memorial Day Golf Tournament. The Red Nose Foundation, the Indonesian Chapter of the Harley Owners Group, WatSan Action and Habitat for Humanity Indonesia all benefited greatly from the concert. It goes without saying that all of us at the Red Nose Foundation are grateful for everyone’s support and donations; we managed to raise Rp75,000,000 and gain 30 more sponsors  for RNF kids in our Full Scholarship program.
We’ve uploaded some of the many great photos from the evening to our Flickr site.
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