Formal Education System Support


The Formal Education System Support program is Red Nose Foundation’s attempt to begin creating systematic change.  While we believe strongly in our Arts and Education Outreach Program and its many different components, we also understand that to make systematic change it is necessary to also work within the channels of education and government organizations that are already established and affecting thousands of children each day.

Currently, the program consists of three sub-programs: Scholarships, Teacher Trainings, and Tutoring

Red Nose Foundation currently offers Full Scholarships to 99 children who have participated in the Arts and Education Outreach Program for more than two years.  Full scholarships cover 90% of the school tuition and other fees the students and their families are expected to cover.  

Red Nose Foundation currently also awards 250 partial scholarships to children attending school in the slum areas, who have demonstrated excellent academic efforts. Partial scholarships cover a portion of the fees, giving the students and their families partial relief from the financial burden that so often forces them to leave school before graduation.

The partial scholarship program is funded in full by the generous support of Permata Bank. If your company would like to support partial scholarships, please contact us directly at

Red Nose works with teachers from the national schools in Cilincing and Bintaro to introduce their teaching methods and Creative Curriculums. By sharing the Creative Curriculums and active learning strategies, teachers can improve the quality of education they present to their students.

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