Red Nose Team


Dedi Purwadi | Artistic Director and Co-Founder

Dedi was the first person to join the Red Nose Foundation as a full time staff member. Dedi has been a fundamental part of the foundation ever since, and has helped develop and implement all of its programs, even performing with the Red Nose Relief tours across Indonesia. Today Dedi is RNF’s Artistic Director and is hands-on with classes and is involved in managing workshop activities, supporting the circus program and training with the Hidung Merah Performance Troupe.

Dedi loves music (he was the vocalist for the Indonesian pop rock band Meteor) and wants to share his love of music with the children and teach them guitar.

“I think the kids need to learn about music because with music we can change the world … music is a part of life.”

Meisi Kacaribu | Program Director

As Program Director, Meisi is responsible to set up the foundation’s educational curriculum as well as oversee all program activities. Prior to joining the foundation, Meisi had nine years of experience in various roles in the education sector, including as Child Development Counselor, Teacher Assistant, Curriculum Coordinator, Curriculum Developer, Teacher, and Deputy Principal. Her work has brought her to many parts of Indonesia, including the far-flung provinces of Aceh and Papua.

“I think RNF is unique compared to other NGOs focusing on education in Indonesia, in that it refuses to settle in merely doing the generic things like helping children go to school or training school teachers.

Of course, RNF still does all of that. However, what sets the foundation apart from the rest is that it has a circus program at its core and all the other organizational programs and activities revolves around it. I think this is very interesting. Education can be a very generic idea for an NGO to focus on. Through using circus arts, RNF manages to come up with something original that you cannot find anywhere else in Indonesia.”







Dan Roberts | Founder

Dan Roberts is the founder of Red Nose Foundation. Dan moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, with his family from the United States as a teenager and was a student at the Jakarta International School. Upon returning to the U.S., Dan studied Acting at Roosevelt University’s Chicago College of Performing Arts. After he discovered circus and physical theatre, Dan was inspired, and spent a number of years working for different youth circus groups. In 2008, Dan became a volunteer for Clowns Without Borders-USA and organized a 10-week solo circus expedition through Indonesia. During this expedition Dan made the decision to stay and establish the Red Nose Foundation. Since then, Dan has been the driving force behind the foundation.

Dan is also a founding member and the President of ASCA, a Cirque du Soleil funding network aiming to connect social circus and arts groups from across the Asia-Pacific region and encourage the development of social circus and arts in the region.

Dan is also the Committee Chair of AmCham’s Young Professionals.

Renny Antoni Roberts | Co-Founder

As Managing Director, Renny works closely with the foundation’s Executive Director to determine the direction and the future of the foundation. Renny has been involved in social work since the age of 12, and over the years she has volunteered to help street kids in East Jakarta and teach basic literacy, math and English to children. Renny holds a Bachelor of Arts with a major in communication studies and public relations from The London School of Public Relations. In August 2009, Renny became a volunteer at the Red Nose Foundation, documenting the foundation’s activities. She finally joined the Red Nose Foundation as a Project Coordinator in March 2010 and became Red Nose’s Managing Director in May 2011.

“As a human being I feel it is our responsibility to take care of others who are in need. I like working with children; they always inspire me with their spirit and enthusiasm. I enjoy seeing kids get a better education. I believe a good education is the right of every child.”

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